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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Petaling Street @ Chinatown

It was my first time went to Chinatown although before this I had been came to Kuala Lumpur (KL) before. I can said that Chinatown is a food heaven as at there has lots of food so you will won’t worry you will be starve when you at Chinatown.

Petaling Street
Petaling Street is a Chinatown located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Haggling is a common sight here and the place is usually crowded with  locals as well as tourists - Wikipedia

Claypot Lou Xu Fan
My cousin had recommended me to eat Claypot Lou Xu Fan (Claypot Chinese Ratatouille). The shape of this Lou Xu Fan is like a tail of mouse so in Cantonese, it sound like “Mouse Noodle”. It is delicious especially eat when it is served hot. 

Claypot Chicken Rice
We also had tried for Claypot Chicken Rice with Portuguese Grill Fish Stingray which is also nice. This food stall is very near with our hotel, The 5 Element Hotel.

Portuguese Grill Fish Stingray
At night, Chinatown was very crowded as many foreigners and local people will shop around. It has many stalls that sell many things such as clothes, watch, bag and so on. At there, you can saw many sellers using different ways to attract customers such as a man who sell Chestnut sing English song, greet some foreigner language maybe Korean and others when potential customer pass by and many more.

Some of the stall seller is impolite so if you want to bargain, it is better you confirm that you really want to buy those things. If not, you can see their bad attitude if they know that you did not want to buy their things. The most common words that you can heard is “How much do you want?”. Every time, my cousin bargain, when the seller said that words, I feel like scary because he/she like insist you to buy it so when heard of it, my cousin and I will leave the stall as she did not know what amount that she want to spend for that things.

My cousin was so brave that see and ask for the price of things at stall but I just followed she and if I feel that the things are cheap after my cousin asked for the price then I will buy it. At there, I just buy some Collar T-Shirts with an umbrella as that times we went to there was raining so we need an umbrella if not both of us will become wet.

At last, the reason for me to revisit Chinatown will be the food but not the stall as the price at there not so cheap and the seller also quite scary that keep promote their things.


  1. 说实在的,我已很久没去PETALING STREET了!

    1. 诗,

  2. I visited Chinatown when I went to KL too! But I didn't end up eating any of the street food.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog!

    1. Angela,
      Perhaps next time you can try for the food in Chinatown :)


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