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Friday, 17 January 2014

2013-12 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 1)

In December 2013, it would be my first year anniversary of collecting postcard. I do enjoy in collecting postcard as through postcard, I can see the beautiful view of other country that I never been there before. Through handwriting words, I also can feel that every postcard has its own story to tell me.

This postcard sent by Sock Peng during her travel to Indonesia. This postcard shows a picture of an underwater view around Putri Island. She had told me that Putri Island is one of 75 islands that take care by Jakarta. 

This postcard sent by Yvonne from Germany. I like this postcard as it shows a beautiful art of Berlin Brandenburger Tor (English: Brandenburg Gate)

This postcard sent by Grace. It shows a picture of breast feeding from a panda bear mother. Panda bears are super cute!

This postcard sent by Serg from Russia. It shows a picture of Russian berries such as gooseberry, dog rose, dewberry and others. From all of the Russian berries, I just know about strawberry and raspberry.

This postcard sent by Cherry from Taiwan. These 2 postcards draw by she and can be see that she is a cat lover. In postcard, she had share with me about her dream wedding.  

This postcard sent from Taiwan. Through the message in postcard, I just knew that 安子say means “Thank You” in Taiwanese Hakka. Taiwanese Hakka was not same with my Hakka as thank you in my Hakka sounds “Duo Qia”.

This was my first time to receive a postcard from a New Zealand cat. Cool right. Haha… Below is the part of message that type by cat:-

Meow, my name is Gordon, you may call me “Gordon the great”. I am almost 10 years old and am New Zealand #1 postcrossing cat. I am FORCED against my will to live with a FATDOG!!

However, I am a very tough dude man cat (see postcard) and I will continue to be boss of this house and smack the FATDOG in the gooby gob when I feel the urge.


  1. Interesting post! Since the IT takes waves, not many people send post cards nowadays. It is great that you can receive quite a number of beautiful and meaningful post cards from around the world. Keep it up :)

    1. Iriene,
      Luckily that it still has some people like to exchange postcard.

  2. the postcard was nice, it is great to get from foreigner friend.. haha, i believe we don't have much penpal in our era

    1. Mr Lonely,
      Thanks and I found out that other countries like Taiwan will be more friends that love to exchange postcard.


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