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Friday, 3 January 2014

The Person That I Am Most Grateful of In Life

In our life, we will meet with many types of persons that inspire us, help us, care about us and others. In this post, I will talk about the person that I am most grateful of in life who is my father. My father is not just playing an important role in my family but he also playing as other roles in my life.

He is my father that starts to give me a warm and happy family when my mother was pregnant. As my family is not come from a rich family so my father need to work harder when I was birth because he is the only one money supporter in my family while my mother need to take care of me. One of my father’s quotes is “We can poor but we cannot poor of education” so even we are very poor but he still insist to send me study until University. I was very appreciating everything that done by my father because now I had found a good job after finished study.

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Sometimes, my father will play a role as mother when my mother was sick or traveling. For me, my father is the best cooker. He can cook well because when he was small, he need to take care well of himself as his mother was very busy. I only know how to cook for simple dish so for the dish like frying fish definitely will need a help from my father. 

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My father likes to watch news on TV so he always share the moral behind news such as beware of  thief, don’t easily believe someone who you did not know about and others to my sisters and I. Indirectly, my father playing as a teacher role in my life too.

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When I meet with problem, I always like to seek for my father’s advice. After hearing of my father’s advice, I feel like I had found a way to solve the problem. In my heart, my father seems like friends that willing to share my happiness and sadness in my life. 

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Last, sharing with you about how my father challenges with someone that likes to show off their smartphone. My father will challenge he or she with his outdated phone (phone only can call and SMS) that try to throw away own phone and see who’s phone is still function well after fall down. Until now, no one accept my father’s challenge because they did not dare to take a risk for their smartphone.

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