Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kuching Trip 2016: Chong Choon Café

11th September 2016

During my first visit to Kuching, my friend did bring me to Chong Choon Café. When at Nova Kuching Hotel, I kept finding the café. In my mind that the café at opposite road there but cannot see it. Then I tried online find the location of Chong Choon Café and knew that it moved and nearer with hotel, no need cross the road.

Same like before, café was full of people so we need to wait for a while. I can saw that the café become bigger and has many stalls. At there you can choose either small or big size of food which good for who has small appetite to finish it.

This Kolo noodle is in small size as my sister usually eat small portion of breakfast.

This is Mee Jawa which has beef but I did not eat beef. When I order, I thought in Mee Jawa has chicken.

This is Woton (a type of dumplings) noodle which also in small size. This is dry noodle, I thought it is in soup.

This is garlic bread which is crispy and delicious.

This is 3 layers milk tea which you also can order for its size.

This is some side dish which we order while wait for our breakfast.

The laksa looks delicious which ordered by my mum.

This is clay pot noodle which has some seafood with vegetable.

At there I saw a foreigner took his camera and took photos of each stalls. One of girl at the stall said “don’t take my picture” with a smile.

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