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Monday, 10 October 2016

The Palace Hotel: Hotel Gallery

At lobby of The Palace Hotel has Hotel Gallery which you can pay a visit. The gallery is not big.

Below are the items which come from recycle items such as old magazine, toilet paper roll, can and many more.

The hotel is welcomed for cross-cultural. Therefore hotel guest can get a flag of own country and place on the world map where guest come from to create that multi-cultural haven.

They are very creative in using recycle items as decoration.

“A Gift to Save the Environment” is an interesting idea in creating awareness and support towards saving the environment.

1. Purchase a recycle gift at Gift Shop (Lobby Level)
2. Drop the gift into the Box provided
3. In return of participation, picks a Gift for yourself and bring it home as part of a memorable stay at The Palace Hotel.

For these fertilizers, I not sure it is for sale or not because cannot find the price and I also did not ask for the staff.

My favorite is using many small pieces of clothes become an art.

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