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Monday, 24 October 2016

Amazin’ Graze: Amazin’ Nut Butter

Here is sharing about my second purchase with Amazin’ Grace after first purchase. The purpose of making my second purchase is because of Amazin’ Nut Butter. Nowaday, the nut butter which can be find is added preservative which is not good for health until I knew Amazin’ Graze.

It has many types of nut butter for you to choose such as All natural Almond Butter, All Natural Cashew Butter, Orange Apricot Cashew Butter, Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter and many more. I chose for ABC Butter.

This butter is not added salt, sugar or oil so it is very healthy in nutrition. The taste is no so strong but when you chew it with bread, you can taste the nice smell of nuts. I like this butter very much. Beside with bread, you can add to cereals, fruits and vegetables or eat on its own.

For the nuts and granola, I usually eat with my overnight oats to make it taste better.

Five spices included star anise, cinnamon, fennel, cloves and Sichuan pepper. Al these five spices become powder and mix with nuts. It was my first time to try such favor so when eat it, I not used with the taste but after eat for few times, I quite likes with it.

These nuts have a little bit spices but I don’t expect that it is mix well with turmeric or curry powder.

Granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oat, nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar and sometimes puffed rice that is usually baked until it is crisp, toasted and golden brown. Dried fruits such as raisins and dates and confections such as chocolate are sometimes added- Wikipedia

First I thought that I can see some banana in granola but it been mix well with nuts. It is taste good.

Coconut Curry Lime + Banana Bread Granola
5 Spice Tamari + Banana Bread Granola

Amazin’ Graze
G20, D7 Jalan Sentul,
Sentul, 51100, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 6 03 4065 0325
Facebook: Amazin’Graze

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