Friday, 14 October 2016

Kuching Trip 2016: Top Spot Seafood Food Court

10th September 2016

At night, around Nova Kuching Hotel seems difficult to look for dinner because many shops closed at night. While walking to look for any shop which is open, suddenly I saw *UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) Building then I suggested with my family that we can dinner at there.

*UTC where most of the government departments located. UTC has Immigration Department Malaysia, 1 Malaysia Clinic, National Registration Department of Malaysia (JPN) and many more.

Top Spot Food Court (roof top) is a combination of all the local exotic food especially seafood with more than 10 restaurants in operation every evening till late night. I just knew that food court located at the top of the building but did not see any stairs or lift so I asked for security at the parking lots there. Top Spot Seafood Food Court at 6th floor so we were using lift to there.

When at food court, it has lots of people dinner. I looked for Bukit Mata Seafood 25 Sdn Bhd restaurant because I saw many online good reviews.

Bukit Mata Seafood 25 Sdn Bhd has many tables being reserved so the staff brings us to another place which no far from restaurants. We ordered some food which as below:-

Vegetables @ RM 18.00

Midin @ RM 20.00

Kuching’s humble ferns from the jungle have evolved into a gourmet item. A must try, it’s cooked with either belacan (fermented shrimp paste) or local rice wine or just simply with garlic.

Oyster Pancake @ RM 20.00

The pancake is large in size with some oyster. For me just attracted with its size and it’s taste normal. Many people like to take picture with it.

Fish @ RM 29.70

Steam Rice for five @ RM 5.00  

Beside fish, we did not order other seafood such as prawn, crabs and many more due to high cholesterol. We waited quite some time for our food because at that time has many people. While waiting for food, my dad ordered some satay to eat.

If next time have chance go again, I would like to try for Ayam Pansuh or Bamboo Chicken (appx. RM 36)

Bukit Mata Seafood 25 Sdn Bhd
No. 25, 5th Floor, Taman Kereta Top Spot Food Court,
Jalan Padungan 93100 Kuching,
Tel: 012-8099522/019-8899838/016-6129923

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