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Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Personalized Rubber Stamp

August 2014

I was so lucky that had won a personalized drawing by Yxji and free OctoGang line stickers. The drawing of Yxji is so cute and I like it very much. For your information that Yxji also draw a diary of a lovely couple in forms of cute and chubby octopuses, it is also cute and funny.

December 2014

In Instagram, I accidentally saw has custom made stamp named Stamp_addict. The price to make a rubber stamp is quite reasonable which small (RM 15), medium (RM 20) and large (RM 25). Therefore, I had ordered a medium custom made stamp with the picture of stamp is the drawing by Yxji (as above) and add on my name.

At first, I asked that whether can put my Chinese name on the stamp. Due to my Chinese name’s lettering, it is too small to be crave so last I change to use my English name. She is very fast to crave the rubber stamp for me to view it before post to me.

When I saw the final result of the rubber stamp, I had request the owner to do come changers on my rubber stamp because the blushing mark and hair shine has a little wired. Therefore, the owner had helped me to crave away the marks.

After few days, I had received my own rubber stamp in good condition and I also used it in postcard and envelope. 

For those wish to order custom made stamp, my advise try to ask the owner for the draft first before he or she crave it so that any changers can be made before it be final products.  

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