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Friday, 12 June 2015

Beautymate Mask: Anti-blemish Repairing Mask & In-depth Whitening Spot Corrector Mask

I had been used product of Beautymate before which are toner and mask from Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano series. This post, I will review for another series of Beautymate masks which as below:-

Beautymate Anti-blemish Repairing Mask

This mask will help to replenishing moisture and regulating oil balance which suitable for all skin types especially acne-prone skin. This mask is an upgrading version that has double Hyaluronic Acid to form a moisturizing film on skin surface which can enhance skin elasticity and moisturizing sin deeply.

The main ingredients of mask as below:-

Double Sebacic Acid and Chamomile Extract: Calm down the skin and relieve redness effectively.

Aloe: Provides natural moisture-locking factor to keep skin supple

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract: Helps to regulate water and oil level of the skin to prevent appearance of blemishes.  

How to use:-

1. Spread mask over face and gently press n mask with fingertips to ensure a snug fit.
2. Leave on mask for 15-20 minutes then remove.
Recommend for daily use or more often when necessary.

This mask is well fit to my face when masking. I can feel that my face is moisturizing after using this mask. For the anti-blemish function, I did not see has any effect of it and I think that regular using of this mask sure will help in anti-blemish.

Beautymate Functional Series - Anti-blemish Repairing Nano Mask (7pcs)
Website: HiShop Malaysia
Price: RM 36.90

Beautymate In-depth Whitening Spot Corrector Mask

As ultimate whitening should not only focus on skin surface because brightening and blemishing is the best strategy to keep the whitening factors and dissolve the black pigment. This mask has the function of reducing spot, in-depth repairing, whitening with nourishing and enhancing brightness skin.

The main ingredients in this mask as below:-

KOMBUCHKA PH Extract: Improve ability for water storage and smooth fine lines

Plant Extract Complex: Fight against in-depth melanin, reduce spot and brighten the dull skin

Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C: Strengthen whitening power, moisturize, brighten and slow down aging

How to use:-

1. Spread mask over face and then take off the porous pearl paper.
2. Gently press on mask with fingertips to ensure snug fit.
3. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes the remove.

This mask is very thin in texture so when apply it on face must be careful so that it will not torn out. My mask had been torn out a little when I want to adjust it on my face. After 15 minutes and took out the mask, I can feel that my face is soft and moisture.

Beautymate Venue Series – In-Depth Whitening Spot Corrector Mask (10pcs)
Website: HiShop Malaysia
Price: RM 49.90

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