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Friday, 19 June 2015

Book Haul April 2015

On April 2015, I had purchased two books from 


Do you ever watched TV series “Where are we going, Dad?”? It is a Chinese reality TV show. In Session two, I like Huang Lei (father) and Duo Duo (daughter) because Duo Duo is very smart and caring child. In this book, have many story of Duo Duo, their dog who scarified its life in protecting its host and the love story of Huang Lei with his wife.



Eatellectual introduced many delicious foods in Malaysia. In this series, it focuses on Selangor part. The part which attracted me the most is the food map in China Town. Besides the delicious food pictures, it has many food stories in this book. I hope in future can take this book and find the delicious food in China Town.   

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