Thursday, 4 June 2015

Book Fair 2015

On March 2015, Popular Book Store had having their first book fair in Labuan. It was quite a very long time that Labuan did not have any book fair. This book fair was located at school hall.

In this book fair, I just bought a book because I did not see any book that I want in this book fair. Beside book, it has lots of stationery such as paper, pen, art, note book and many more. I saw lot of stationery that I want such as rubber stamp, scissors that can cut many shape and stickers but I tried to control myself to avoid buy the stationery that I want than I need so lastly I did not buy any stationery. Haha..

The book which I bought as below:-

This << I Just Can’t Help Laughing>> is about the stories that happened around Dr. Hou. This is not a joke book but some story will make you have a smile. I like one of the articles about quota. It said that all the people have eating quota so you cannot eat more than the quota given because it will make you leave early in your life. Therefore we must eating balance to live healthy.

Extract some part from the book as below:-



In book fair, I also spotted this book but I did not buy it because want to save money in buying the book that I really want or like. This book is a prize that I won from OnFM.

I did not start to read it yet because I have many books waiting for me to read. Therefore I just flip some pages to see. This book is about the art of talking with some illustration. Example when you did not have any idea or topic to talk, try talk about food.

Normal situation

You: Today is so hot!

Friend: Yes, it is too hot!

You: ……….

This time, you can try to talk about food which as below:-

Friend: Yes, it is too hot!

You: This type of weather is very suitable to eat dessert. Recently do you eat any dessert? 

Sometime when did not know what to talk about, why not talking about food that will make both of you has something to talk rather than keep quite. This book is very useful apply in our life.


On the end of October, Popular Book Fair come again. These times, I had bought 2 books which is comic and the other one is related with stamp collecting.

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