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Monday, 8 June 2015

Meeia (Miss Non-Rock) & Songs of the Sea

In last weekend, I had spent my day by listening these two CD and VCD which I won from radio station and blog by last year.

Meeia (Miss Non-Rock)

Meeia Foo is a Taiwan-based Malaysian singer who rose to fame after participating in “Super Idol”, a Taiwanese singing competition - Wikipedia

In this album have 10 songs which sang by Meeia. Beside a CD to be listening, it has included a small lyric booklet.  Inside of booklet has many beautiful picture of Meeia.

The song that I like the most is “有多爱” which I think is very suitable as drama song. I had searched around and found out that has a short love story video featuring this song which you can watch as below:-


Below is the full song of “有多爱”.


Songs of the Sea (Singapore Multi-sensory Extravaganza)

This VCD is a prize that I won from A Happy Mum’s blog. I never go to Singapore before so I hope that through this VCD, I can enjoy watching the Sentosa’s Songs of the Sea.

This Songs of the Sea is very amazing because I never seen this type of show before. The beach and sea is a part of the stage for the show. Songs of the Sea is a story of a young man with a beautiful voice who is charmed by a sleeping princess. This story had made a good job in giving unique experience to audience because in the show, you can see the laser lights, fireworks, water jets and fire jets.

The bonus of watching this VCD is I can know the backstage of this show from zero to done. It really needs to have a good planning and great persons to make this show. It is not so easy.

For those who interested to watch it can view the video as below which I get from Youtube:-

Last, I share with you the song of Chan Mali Chan which can hear in the show Songs of the Sea. This Malay song is very cute.

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