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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My First Stamp Exchange

When exchange postcard, a Taiwan friend knew that I’m from Malaysia so she wish to exchange some Taiwan stamps with me. This was my first time to exchange stamp. After done for some discussion, both of us agreed to exchange 20 used stamps which included other country’s stamp.

18th May 2015

I had sent out the stamps to Dazy. Below are the used stamps that I had sent to her.

23rd May 2015

I had received used stamps from Dazy which as below:-

During this stamp exchange, I just found out that my used stamp collection for Taiwan quite many compare Malaysia stamp. The Malaysia stamps which I have mostly are *definitive stamp.

*A definitive stamp is a postage stamp that is part of the regular issue of a country’s stamps, available for sale by the post office for an extended period of time and designed to serve the everyday postal needs of the country.

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