Friday, 22 August 2014

2014-07 Favorite Postcards Received

In this month, I had saw a postcard friend post some parking coupon through his Facebook and he also hope can get parking coupon from other states or country. As he did not has Labuan car parking coupon so I had sent my place’s parking coupon for him as his collection. Parking coupon collection was my first time heard about it.

The cupcakes on this postcard are so colorful and look delicious. There have so many choices of cupcakes, which cupcake do you like the most?

This postcard showed where you can find rubber duck in Taiwan. The map was so cute and indirectly I also knew some location of states in Taiwan such as Kaoshiung that recently having gas exploration which located southern-western of Taiwan. 

This postcard reminds me that I had taken a photo with London Soldier in Terminal 21, Bangkok. Don’t get surprise as the soldier in Terminal 21 is not a real people but just a statue.

FIFA World Cup 2013 having Closing Ceremony on July which marked the end of World Cup 2014. In this month, I had received a World Cup theme postcard with Sanrio Characters. I just knew that world cup postcard can be so cute :)

Cinda had organized postcard giveaway from her blog and I was so lucky that become one of the postcard receiver. She was so creative that put all her followers’ face on the postcard as appreciation. As I follow her blog via Bloglovin so on this postcard cannot find my face.

This postcard sent by Weilian & Family’s Life. She told me that the horses in Camargue are so beautiful and at there only has white horses which so special. The Camargue is the region that located at South of Aries. 

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