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Friday, 25 October 2013

Parcel from KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The name of KAO (M) Sdn Bhd is not a strange name for me but I am not sure the whole products line that produce by this company. 

Now, lets us to discover it through the parcel that I get.

This is a cute pink pouch that has a label of Laurier- Empower you. I like this pouch very much as it looks cute with pink color + black dots. The size of pouch is enough for me to put in my makeup and skincare while travel. This bag is so travel friendly.

ASIENCE Shine Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner
Shine Therapy series is suitable for colored, rebounded or premed hair which has a moisturizing formula that works on both hair and scalp. It has 5 essences that penetrates deep into hair to restore suppleness from within which are Korean Ginseng, Camellia Oil, Shell Ginger Leaf Essence (softens), Pearl Protein (repair) and Lotus Flower Essence.  

ASIENCE Shine Therapy Shampoo
Gently cleans and restores your hair fibers with rich and creamy foam while strengthening fragile hair with New Asian Beauty Formula.

Usage: Massage onto wet hair to lather. Rinse off completely.

At first, I thought that the shampoo is in pink color (judge according to its packaging) but after squeeze it out, I found out that it is in white color with a soft nice scent. 

ASIENCE Shine Therapy Conditioner
Enriched with New Asian Beauty Formula that penetrates into the inner fibers to repair, strengthens and protect damaged hair while replenishing lost moisture and nutrients.

Usage: After shampooing, gently message conditioner onto wet hair. Rinse off completely.

When rinse off the conditioner on my hair, directly my hair become smooth and manageable. I like this conditioner as it will protect my hair with replenish lost moisture and nutrients due to strengthen.

Attack Detergent plus Softener
This detergent has 3D clean actions which are lingering fragrance, softens and removes tough stains. It has sweet flora scent. With just 1 spoonful of detergent is enough for a full load of clothing, it seems more save. 

Biore Facial Foam
This facial foam formulated with innovative ‘Skin Purifying Technology’ which absorbs and lifts away oil & dirt while maintain the skin’s natural moisture. After using it, I can saw that my face looks supple, clean and moisture.

Laurier has range of pads names “Active Fit” which has non-smell (blue package), fruity smell (orange package) and floras smells (pink package) while “Perfect Comfort” claim it is thin, maximum absorption and easy to clean.

Love & Live Leaflet (Pink Ribbon Campaign)
This brochure is come from the co-operation KAO with Pride Foundation which is encouraging women to be protective when it comes to prevention of breast cancer. 

As October is the breast cancer awareness month, I will share some information that I get from Love & Live leaflet as early detection is the best protection.

BSE (Breast Self-Examination) – Look for changes to your body

What is the suitable time to do BSE?
One week after your menstruation stops, your breasts will stop feeling sore and return to its original soft texture (women undergoing menopause should do a self-examination once a month). During this time, use your fingers to feel anything unusual around breasts. 

Know the symptoms

What should you do?
* Develop a habit of jotting down changes to your body as well as the effects of medication.

* Perform self-examination once every month starting at age 20.

* Please seek a doctor’s help if you find any unusual growth around the breasts.

* You should undergo an ultrasound imaging procedure by age of 30.

* Take a mammogram of your breasts every 2 years starting at age 40.

Note: Pregnant women need to seek a doctor’s approval before performing any examination on their bodies.

How to check?
Know the Symptoms- Breast Self-Examination (Tips)
1. Use body shampoo when performing your self-examination.

2. Use your right hand to check on your left breast and left hand for right breast.

3. Use 3 fingers to do small circular motions while examining your breasts.

4. The areas that need to be examined are your breasts, the upper and lower areas of your clavicle & your left and right underarm.

5. Check for any lumps.

Love life and stay healthy. You deserve it- KAO

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