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Friday, 11 October 2013

2013-09 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 2)

Postcard + Stamp
This postcard sent from Jirat. Through his postcard, I just knew that Thailand has the name of “Kingdom of Smile”. The stamp at this postcard was so cute that has picture of children from ASEAN country with traditional wear.

This postcard shows a picture of clown with a big smile. As smile is the common language in the world so Eva has choose this postcard to me and hope that we can always smile and influence to everyone so that the world will be better.
Let us smile together!

Postcard + Message
This postcard has a simple and cool message that write with Chinese writing brush with the word of “拥抱生命” or “Embrace Life”. It sent from 雅晴 from Paris. She has a Facebook FanPage name "Kiss.Paris" that record the kisses that she get from Paris during year 2009.

References: 杨雅晴百吻巴黎

This Taj Mahal postcard was so beautiful and it is a replacement card for UNICEF card from Sam. 

This is a cute illustration postcard with a picture of cat and fishes. In this postcard, Zhenya, Russia had said that she had been to Malaysia before and she love Malaysia. 

Postcard + Stamp
This postcard sent from Northern Territory of Australia by Sock Peng. As she was won from Singapore Blog Awards 2013 so the prize was an amazing sponsored trip to Australia with other bloggers. This postcard shows a picture of Kakadu National Park.

This is an advertisement postcard that sent from Taiwan by Chuan Yu. She had done some decoration for this postcard before send it for me. 


  1. Wow, you do received a lot of postcards, good for you!!! =]

    1. 小影,
      Most of my postcards come from exchange. If you interested, you can exchange postcard in Postcrossing website.


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