Friday, 21 June 2013

Taiwan Souvenirs from General Manager

My General Manager had brought some Taiwan souvenirs for me during her Taiwan Trips.

A Pink Cat 

The pink cat was very cute as it has a bell on its neck. When I move the cat, the bell will sound “ring…..”

I think all of you will have same thought with me that this pink cat is a decoration but this pink cat also has other use which is “Massage”.  Did not believe, let take a look for the picture as below:-

A Sky Lantern Ornament
This sky lantern ornament came from a famous place in Taiwan called “Shi Fen” @ 十份 which the actors from Taiwan Movie of “You Are The Apple Of My Eye” @  那些年,我们一起追的女孩 had been went to there for casting.

It was a scene that main actor and actress from the movie fly the sky lantern together to the sky. I tried to find out the scene from You Tube but did not found it so I shared with you a music video from the movie. Inside the music video has the scene that I told but incomplete.

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