Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Elie Saab EDT Perfume (Sample)

In February 2013, I had won an Elie Saab EDT perfume at Million Dollar Beauty. It is a tube size sample perfume. This perfume pyramid as below:-

Top Notes: Mandarin blossom
Middle Notes: Orange blossom and Gardenia
Base Notes: Vetiver, Rose and Honey

As I seldom use perfume so I felt confused when saw the perfume has top notes, middle notes and base notes. As I did not know what those notes means so I search more through internet. I had found out a post at GildedLife.com which has a good explanation about it.

First, think of fragrance as having 3 layers which each layer is a “Note” in a Musical Chord

Top Notes: It is your first impression of a fragrance which are immediate and what you notice before anything else.

Middle Notes: It is emerge right before the top notes fade away into oblivion. These are the “heart” of the fragrance and are sometimes called heart notes.

Base Notes: It is the foundation of a perfume and helps keep the top notes and middle notes from evaporating too quickly.

My winning entry
This perfume has a sweet flora scent. It can wear for 4-5 hours which is considered long for me.

As this perfume that I won is tube size so it make me difficult to use it as sometime I will over pour the perfume *waste*. This tube size perfume will be perfect if it comes with a spray (such like sample size of perfume Calvin Klein Eternity for men as below) so that it will make me easy to control the amount of perfume.

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