Monday, 17 June 2013 Wear It Proud, Wear It Loud

In this post, I would like to introduce to you a place to personalize your tees which is At there, you can personalize your tees to express your LOVE towards Malaysia. 

I like to wear T-shirt as it gives me a comfortable feel. Besides that, it is very easy to mix and match with other cloths such as jacket, sweater and others. At last, T-shirt will never out of fashion so it can be my reason to buy more of T-shirt that I like at any time.

Take a look at the idotshirt that I like as below:-

♥ My first choice is white shirt with simple bloomy heart which has hibiscus (Malaysia’s national flower) in it.  It is a good idea to show my love towards Malaysia in a simple way.

♥ My second choice is black shirt with champ heart which has badminton racket and shuttlecock printed. Talking of badminton, I will so proud to say that Dato’ Lee Chong Wei definitely is Malaysia’s badminton champion. 

At last, don’t think, shop now at

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