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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rice Force Make Up Remover (Sample)

This is my first times to see the brand of “Rice Force” so I search online to find more information about the sample that I received. Rice Force is a Premium Japanese Natural Skin Care which the contents of products mostly from Japanese rice.

According to website of Rice Force, the makeup remover is formulated with Rice Power Extract No. 2 so it easily dissolves and lifts away impurities and makeup yet is gentle to the skin. 

The makeup remover is gel type so the way to apply is different with liquid type.

1. Squeeze a small amount (about ½ inch) into the palm of your warm, dry hand and gently smooth over your dry face until it glides easily. 
(A thin layer of film forms when handled by wet hands, making it difficult to apply the remover)

2. When makeup melts away, add water to emulsify into a milky white liquid then rinse away.

Gel type remover

This makeup remover is suitable for those who are not in hurry because it takes times to wait for makeup melt.


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