Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kuching: Souvenir (Food)

Bipang (a type of rice cracker)

I had brought some Bipang which has chicken floss in it because normally the Bipang that I buy is peanut flavor so wanna try for chicken floss flavor.

Bipang- chicken floss
Bipang- chicken floss
Bipang (peanut, sesame, garlic and onion)

Before back, for those who love the Kuching Kolo Mee can buy the noodles and cook in house. You also can add the ingredients that you like when cooking.

Kolo mee
Foochow mee sua
Natural vegetable mee
Ose sun cake
Crispy pepper anchovy (Ikan bilis lada)

Layer cake
In Sarawak, layer cake is a popular and famous food. I had brought the layer cake with Horlick favor.

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