Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Concentrate for Face & Eyes (Sample)

According Chanel, this product can corrects existing dark spots and prevents new ones from forming. Pearl Protein Extract acts on dull and yellow-toned complexions, softening the skin and giving a delicate smooth feel.

Instruction to use it is apply 2 pearl droplets of Concentrate, morning and evening, to entire face, eye contour and neck. After apply it, I found out that this Concentrate easily absorb to my skin. 

The texture of Concentrate


  1. WOW, how did you get the sample? :O

    1. Hi, I get this sample from giveaways from Kiyomi Shimizu FB page which you can refer to this post:-

      Just now, I search for her FB but cannot find anymore. It seems like she may remove her page. :(


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