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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kuching Maps

Map that I get through online

In this post, I will tell about the North of Kuching which opposite of Kuching Waterfront.

Taking boat can go to North of Kuching which cost RM 0.50 per trip. At there, you can see Astana, Fort Margherita and Sarawak State of Assembly Building in closer look. Besides that, Orchid garden also located at there. I did not have opportunity to visit orchid garden because it closes on Monday for maintenance works.

Now, Fort Margherita is in maintenance stage and all the things in fort had been transfer to Sarawak Museum (old and new wing).

If you are alone, I did not suggest you to go there because on the way has many trees (almost like forest) and seldom has people at there except workers. At that time I went to there with my friend who is also a girl and 2 guys from Terengganu (just meet up in boat). If only both of us (girls), I think I will not go for there because quite scary and if something happen, no one can help you immediately.

Actually, you can see Astana, Sarawak State of Assembly Building and Fort Margherita from Waterfront there and it almost the same when you see those building in Waterfront or North of Kuching.

Map from Borneo Talk Magazine

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