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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Kids Camp: The Rove of Small Seedling @ 小小幼苗流浪记 (Part I)

Date: 30 December 2012 (Night)
Venue: Labuan Buddhist Association

Hosts of the day

Speaks of Chairman
Dancing by Youths

Group 1 (Dancing)

Dancing by kids and youths

Sign Language Dance “Big Eye” @ 大眼睛
Group 2 (Drama)

A boy is a vegetarians and he always protect by his Guardian when he meets a problem.

One day, his friend invited him to go Labuan Tiara Hotel for lunch. At that time, the boy feels hungry so they went to Labuan Tiara Hotel together.

The boy's friend invite him for lunch
At Labuan Tiara Hotel, the boy looked at the menu and found out that all the foods are not suitable to him as a vegetarians. His friend persuaded him to give a try on non-veg food. After think twice, the boy agreed with his friend’s suggestion and they ordered food with waiter.

They order food

After a few minutes, they started to eat the food that served by waiter. The boy had  finished with the non-veg food and he likes it.

The boy say the food is very delicious
After the boy eat non-veg food, the Guardian had sense out his body full of meat smell and decided to leave him. It means that the Guardian no longer to protect the boy.

When the boy walked to his house, he had been crashed by a car and sent by ambulance to hospital. After resting in hospital for a few days, he had recovered. 

The boy involve in an accident

After he went out from hospital, he had been robbed by robber. He felt so sad and his friend gave advise to him that become a vegetarians should not eat non-veg food so that the Guardian will always protect him.

The boy being rob

His friend give a comfort to him


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