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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Kids Camp: The Rove of Small Seedling @ 小小幼苗流浪记 (Part II)

Group 3 (Advertisement of facial wash)

On the way to bus stop, a boy with a pimple face had saw his dream girl waiting bus at there so he said hello to the girl. The girl did not paid attention with the boy and ignored him. After that, the bus had come and the girl took the bus.

A boy meet with his dream girl

He say hello to his dream girl

Bus coming

The boy was so sad and talked to his friend. After listened to his story, his friend had introduced him to use XX facial wash. 

His friend introduce him to use XX facial wash
In house, the boy used XX facial wash to wash his face. After washing his face, the boy became a handsome boy without pimple at all in his face.

The boy wash his face

The boy become handsome

Once again, the boy had met with his dream girl and said hello to the girl. The girl saw a handsome boy greeted with her and feel so happy. Finally, the boy can go for a date with his dream girl.

He saw his dream girl again

Happy ending !!!
Group 4 (Dancing)

Dancing by kids and youths

Sign Language Dance “Red Dragonfly” @ 红蜻蜓


After the group’s performance, a sign language dance by youths.

It’s time for announce for the winner (kids and youths).

Congratulation to all of them
Passing the lotus light @ 传灯 

In this section, all the light will be turn off and the surrounding become very silent. When the lotus light pass to your hand, you can make a wish with it and then pass to the nearest person of you. 

This activity started with Buddhist priest passed the lotus light to chairman and vice-chairman. Then, both of them will pass to adults and the last will pass to the hand of kids.

2 lotuses light
passing lotus light  has start

At last, the two lotuses light put in front of the Buddha and hope that it will give a bless to all of us during the year.

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