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Friday, 4 January 2013

Fish ! For Life by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D, John Christensen & Harry Paul

The story is about Lonnie, Mary Jane, Brad and Sarah had been applying ‘Fish! Philosophy’ to think the ways of welcomes Grandma (Mary Jane’s mother) to their house. Besides that, Mary Jane also applies this philosophy in controlling her weight control.

Fish ! For Life
Fish! Philosophy (way of approaching life)

Play means being lighthearted, playful and fun. It is a way to make the ordinary and routine more interesting and engaging by having fun with whatever you are doing.

                         Make their day
Make their day means making life brighter for people by doing special things or doing things in special ways.

                          Be there
Be there means really listening to someone and doing one thing at a time.

                         Choose your attitude
Attitude is the way you are being on the outside.

The parts that I would like to share:-

The most important purpose of a healthy weight control plan is not to lose weight- it is to learn how to maintain the weight you want. Quick loss and quick gain does no one any good and teaches failure.

We all long for a primary relationship that lifts us up in a way that’s not possible alone. We want to create in our lives a two that is bigger than one plus one. There is a special form of happiness that can be experienced only as two. We often think about our life partners in the following ways:

·         Someone with whom to share life’s little treasures: a sunset, a child’s fragile first step or a poem.

·         A shoulder to cry on when life overwhelms us, and a voice to remind us of the positive futures possible in times of doubt.

·         A best friend.

·         Someone who knows us, warts and all, and still loves us.

·         A lover with whom sex is an important part- but only a part- of intimacy.

·         A ready hug.

The email or story that received by authors to give example of “Make their Day”:-

Good behavior comes from good preparation. I learned this lesson from my daughter’s first visit to the dentist. We were prepared for the second visit.

While staying at my parents’ one weekend, I realized how much their La-Z-Boy and swivel reading light resembled a dentist’s chair. With my daughter as my assistant, we assembled a tray complete with Gram’s toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and a Dixie cup of water. We asked Gram to lie back, positioned the light, and placed a napkin under her chin. My dad stood over our shoulders dramatically making the sound of a dentist’s drill. (I must say he enjoyed paying his part.) We were quite proud of our work: Gram came out of it with relatively clean teeth and very little bleeding. “Dentist” has now become a favorite game for my daughter and her cousins to play at Gram and Papa’s. None of us has had a cavity since.

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