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Friday, 18 January 2013

雨是甜的- Bell 宇田 (Sweetness in the rain)

It is a romantic umbrella love story. Inside this film has many beautiful umbrellas especially the last umbrella.
(Below is the summary that I write, hope you will understand my English.)

First Rain Season
The story starts with a girl who likes to see star and dislike raining day because when raining, the entire star will gone. Just like other girls, the girl will always dream of having star rain.

One day, when the girl wanted to go back after working, the sky was raining so she opened the umbrella but her black colour umbrella was broken and she cannot open it. She saw a boy had many umbrellas for selling so she asked from the boy. 

Lastly, the girl did not get any umbrella from  the boy because she want black or dark colour umbrella but the boy only has colourful umbrella so she just wait for the rain to stop.

While waiting, she saw the boy selling the colourful umbrella and made she thought of one fairy tales that in night, Dream God will carry umbrellas and come to children’s bed side. It will open colourful umbrella on the head of good children so that they will have a sweet dream while open black umbrella for naughty children so that they did not has any sweet dream.

Lastly, the boy approached to the girl and sent she home by his umbrella.

Second Rain Season
In that rain season, the boy just like Dream God open a colourful umbrella on the head of the girl and let the girl has dream of beautiful story.

The girl had received a word umbrella that writes “If you don’t smile how the sky clear up to becomes sunny.”

Every time raining, the girl will receive colourful umbrella from the boy which put outside of her house.

One day, the girl also receives an umbrella with words of “I like you. I cannot pick up the star for you so I just give you my heart.” The love story between them begins.

In a raining day, when drinking the coffee,
Girl: It will be good if the night of raining still can see the star.
Boy (smile): Are you dreaming?

Third Rain Season
At bed,

Girl: Whether you still remember that in one year ago, why the ceiling was full of star?
Boy (Lazy voice): Remember.
Girl: You say that every day when wake up still can see the star although it's raining day. It had been a long time that I did not receive any colourful umbrella.
Boy was silent.
Girl: Missing the time when we just start together.

As the time pass by, the girl found out that their relationship  did not as close as before. Then, she realized that, all of them was just a dream and she took off all the star which hang at the ceiling with sad.

Fourth Rain Season
It’s Christmas day; the girl cooked for the boy and asked him to taste for it.

Boy: The food has no taste.
Girl: Our relationship also just like food, did not has any taste anymore.
Boy (continue eating): Tomorrow I go to supermarket to buy sauce.
Girl: Are you did not love me anymore?
Boy: I’m not.
Girl: I’m unhappy.
Boy: What you want to say?
Girl: Our relationships are end.
Boy: Don’t you have other to say? Tomorrow I will buy tomato sauce.
Girl (Angry): You thought that I just kidding.

 The girl was took all the presents (umbrellas and stars) that given by the boy and threw on the floor and said “I dislikes colourful umbrella.”

It’s raining, the girl wanted to go out and suddenly she saw her black umbrella and try to open it.
When she open it ,………………………
( I choose not to write it because I want you to see the end of story by your own)

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