Sunday, 2 September 2012

Classic 200 Plus Jokes

To have a perfect relaxation, it is good to read joke book during free. Here, I want to share some jokes from the book that I had read with you all. Hope it will enlighten you all !!!

Classic 200+ Jokes
Teacher: “Where’s Mount Everest?”
Steve: “I don’t know, miss.”
Teacher: “Stand up on the bench.”
Steve: “Even after standing up I’m not able to see it, miss!”

Pupil: “Excuse me, Sir, but I don’t think I deserve a mark of zero for this exam paper.”
Teacher: “Neither do I, but it’s the lowest mark I can give.”

Teacher: (Thinking of science lab) “Which room you can’t enter?”
Student: “Mushroom!”

Lorna: “Which will come first, egg or chicken!”
Candy: “It depends on what you order first!”

Ebenezer: “What difference do you find between a rat and a mouse?”
Ted: “Rat has a tail at the back and Mouse (computer) has a tail in the front!”

The grumbling of a child:
“All parents are alike. They teach us to speak and walk.
After we’ve learned both, they order us to sit quiet!”

Charlie: “Our classmate, David is a book keeper, you know?”
Griffith: “Is it? I never knew.”
Charlie: “He wouldn’t return the library books that he borrows!”

A notice stuck on the wall of a company that had closed shop: “Opened by mistake!”

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