Thursday, 13 September 2012

Limbang Regional Museum

Limbang Regional Museum was official declared open by Honorable Datuk Adenan Haji Satem, the Minister of Social Development on 27th August 1994. This museum building was an old fort which was built in year 1897.

Board of Limbang Regional Museum
Limbang Regional Museum

Side view of Limbang Regional Museum 

History Old Fort, Limbang

Opening hours for Limbang Regional Museum

The ground floor of Limbang Regional Museum used for administrative purposes while 1st floor is a museum for visiting. It display the history, culture and lifestyle of people such as bamboo band, salt making, beadwork, bark cloth, brassware, basketry and others. The admission is free.

Outside of Limbang Regional Museum

Replica of Crocodile Mould

Description of Replica of Crocodile Mould
Replica of ‘Pagul’ Pole
Description of Replica of ‘Pagul’ Pole
Inside of Limbang Regional Museum

Welcome to Limbang

Traditional Men costume

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