Monday, 10 September 2012

Getting To and Around Limbang

I was getting to Limbang by using Ferry Royal Limbang No.1. It leaves from Labuan at 2pm and arrive Limbang at 4pm. The ticket from Labuan to Limbang cost me RM 28 for economic class. 

Attentions for those who are last minutes person, it is very important early go to terminal because ferry will leave before 2pm. During my trip, the ferry leaves at 1.50pm.

Ticket from Labuan to Limbang

Royal Limbang No.1

I get back to Labuan by using Ferry Royal Limbang No.1. It leaves from Limbang at 8am and arrive Labuan at 10am. The ticket from Limbang to Labuan is RM 30. Limbang did not have specific counter for buying ticket but you can buy ticket at in front of Immigration Office there. At there, ticket counter is just a simple table and ticket seller is just sitting at there to sell the ticket.

When I sat in ferry, the ferry was moved very slow that made me so curious. After for a while, I realized that the ferry was waiting for Malay girl that was missed the ferry. She used speed boat to catch up the ferry and before that she already called for people in charge in ferry so that ferry will wait for her. The same lesson that I observed was “Don’t be late”.

Ticket from Limbang to Labuan
Royal Limbang No.1

Inside of Royal Limbang No.1

Welcome to Limbang

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