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Saturday, 25 August 2012

还剩下什么- 羽泉 & 苏慧伦 (Love Story of a Dragonfly)

While making these chinese knot of dragonflies, I had thought of a touching MV. 


This MV is about a couple who live happily. One day, the girl had met an accident and lying unaware on a hospital bed.  At morning, the boy accompanied and kept calling the girl while at night, he went to church to pray to God.

 A month later, the girl still sleeping with whiles the boy became haggard. The God had made an exception to this persistent boy. God asked him: “Are you willing to use your own life as an exchange?” The boy replied without hesitation: “I do!” God say: “Well, I can make your lover to wake up soon but you must promise to turn into 3 years of dragonfly, would you?” The boy still firmly replied: “I do!”

At dawn, the boy had become a dragonfly and the girl was waked up. A few days later, the girl had recovered and she kept finding the boy. The dragonfly was around the girl all the time. The summer was passed, the dragonfly had to leave here so it was the last time he landed on the girl’s shoulder. Spring was coming, the dragonfly quickly fly back to find the girl but now the girl accompanied with a man (doctor). The dragonfly was so sad.

In the summer of third year, God agreed 3 years period is coming soon. On the last day, the girl and doctor held a wedding. The dragonfly saw they put the ring on the finger and kissing sweetly.  The dragonfly shed the tear. God signed: “Do you regret it?” Dragonfly dried his tear: “No!” God said: “Well, tomorrow you can change back to your own.” Dragonfly shook the head: “Let me do a life time dragonfly!”


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