Thursday, 26 January 2017

Chinese New Year 2017: Save the Chick Operation DIY

This year is rooster year, I had an idea of sending some funny Chinese New Year wish to my friends. The title of the DIY is “Save the Chick Operation”. After open the envelope will see has a big egg, chick with a phone sticky note.

First, my friend will receive a red envelope which has a small notice about there was 26 little chicks were missing and suspect they been kidnapped. For those who see or know about it, please help.

I draw by self the whatapps conversation pictures on the phone shape sticky note. It has a conversation from the chick that asks for help because it is inside of the egg.

I made 2 version of whatapps conversation. The one with blue tick is the phone of chick while the other without blue tick is unknown’s phone. Hehe..

For the egg template, I printed it out from online and cut it accordingly.

I decorated the egg with small flowers and stars.

At the back of egg, I stick mahjong paper on it. The purpose of using mahjong paper is for friends to cut it and save the chick. Later the chick will hide inside of the egg.

The back of the egg. The little chick inside of it.
For the chick, I also printed it out by using online template on yellow color paper.

I colored the peck and legs of the chick with orange color. I wrote some message inside of the yellow chick.

That all for my CNY wishes which need to break the egg and save the chick in order to read my wish.

The postage (more than 20g)
Malasyia to United Kingdom- RM 2.80
Malaysia to Taiwan- RM 2.00
Within Malaysia- RM0.80

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