Friday, 6 January 2017

Reading Book List 2016

I just wonder that how many of books I read in year 2016 so I tried list down my book list which finished read by month. I mostly read English and Chinese books. Beside books, the list included magazines, comic and illustration book.  


3. 一口咬掉人生by 张国立
4. 不一样的新年 by 吴国强

5. 临终,我可以_ _ 死去by 李秀华
6. 中学生月刊:中学生港澳游学团之遇见最动人的游学
7. 中学生月刊:游学手帐乐趣多
8. 相信你值得幸福 by 女王

9. 再见,再看见by 孝恩辅导与咨商团队
10. 我来自纽约 (原著剧本张爵西/小说改写李慧慧)
11. Lullabies by Lang Leav
12. Manabeshima Island Japan: One Island, Two Months, One Minicar, Sixty Crabs, Eighty Bites and Fifty Shots of Shochu by Florent Chavovet
13. 假牙诗集-我的青春小鸟

14. Dr. 小百合,今天也要坚强啊!by 小百合
15. 95岁长寿大师的不老秘诀 by 梅可望
16.  我的第一本肌肉锻炼书 :每天8个动作,2周小1号 by 李弦峨
17. Wanderful Odyssey by K.Kusala Lee

18. The Body Book: 饥饿法则,力量科学,与爱上自己神奇身体的方法 by Cameron Diaz

19. 我的内心长满了鱼 by 阿米
20. 小王子 by 圣修伯里
21. 东京散步 by Florent Chavouet
22. Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres

23. 小手鱼杂志 01
24. 让人立刻喜欢你 by 博锋
25. 陌生人 by 李家同
26. Parents Avenue Issue No.3 (April-June 2016)
27. Squeamish about Sushi by Betty Reynolds
28.  我不是天生瘦 by 林可彤
29. Malaysia First The Ultimate Gluten Free Diet Cook Book

30. 深夜食堂 1-5 by 安倍夜郎
31. 百吻巴黎 by 杨雅晴
32. 漫游趣- 厦门(海上花园)by 小麦咖啡

33.  漫游趣- 浪漫的水乡古镇杭州 by 小麦咖啡
34. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
35. 第21页 by 李家同

36. 50 岁,怎样生活最健康 by 莊静芬

37. More Conversation in Action Learning English Through Pictures 1 by Ruth Tan
38. More Proverbs in Action Learning English Through Pictures 1 by David Pickering
39. 乐活美人的生机饮食 by 欧阳英&阿雅
40. 营养师的餐桌风景 by 吴映蓉
41. 效果惊人!90%的疾病都能逆转,全食物救命奇迹 by 克莉丝卡尔
42. 善生 by 冯以量
43. Let it Go 远走南美洲才没有,情伤 by 优游爱情号
44. 蒸蒸日上 by 长颈
45. 客似云来 by 长颈
46. 有你才幸福 by 摩丝摩丝
47. 给我满满的爱 by 摩丝摩丝
48. 这次完蛋了!by 走刀口
49. 哥妹俩漫画故事11 by 徐有利

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