Monday, 23 January 2017

Eat in Tawau 2016

In this trip which is so short so I did not have much to record.

Kedai Kopi Hong Hong

This shop is located at Taman Megah Jaya. If you like seafood recommend you come here to have a taste. We ordered Seafood Rice Vermicelli Soup with Seafood Watan Ho.

As I knew the boss of the shop so the Watan Ho that I ate maybe a little bit different with what you eat at there. Hehe… The prawns are sweet and overall the dish is delicious. The portion given me was so big that I was so full after finished it.

Remark: On the way to Kedai Kopi Hong Hong, I saw few restaurants recommend by others such as 龙川豆腐 and老豆香底米粉 but I did not try either of it.

Kopitiam Lao Yu Kee

In Tawau also have Sang Nyuk Mian which is a noodle mixed with pork lards and some meat.  The Tawau version is come with plain noodle which you need mix the noodle with the soy sauce by yourself.

Food Stall (Night)

I did not know the name of the stall but I just knew it located near with City Fresh Mart (Hill Top Branch). This was my first time to try egg tea or in Chinese 鸡蛋茶 .  It is slightly different with tea egg because we just eat the tea egg but for egg tea, we can drink it and eat the egg.



  1. we had a long drive to Tawau many years ago. Couldn't remember what we had. Will refer back to your post when I were to visit Tawau again.

    1. Agnes,

      Sure :) I still missing with Tawau food especially Watan Ho, super satisfied after ate it. Haha.


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