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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Christmas DIY 2016:Christmas Paper Bell


In this Christmas 2016, I made some paper bells for sending Christmas wish to my friends.

First, I printed some paper bell templates which get from online. After that I cut the paper bell and leaves from the templates.

I folded the paper accordingly through the lines given to become a yellow paper bell.

Then, I started tie the ring bell with the oranges yarn (line 1) and cut the yarn to the length that I want for put on Christmas massages (line 2).

Next, I stick these 2 yarns inside of the yellow paper bell. After that I stick 2 leaves on the bell too.

Last, put a ribbon on the yellow paper bell.

For the envelope decoration, I was using the pictures from Christmas present paper.

Malaysia to Malaysia RM 0.80
Malaysia to United Kingdom RM 2.00
Malaysia to Taiwan, China & Hong Kong RM 1.40


  1. It seems you did not send any letters to Santa Claus last Christmas?

    1. Heimer,

      Yup last Christmas, I was so busy so did not send any letters to Santa Claus. How about you?

    2. Yup. Managed to write letters and so far I received letters from France, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Norway.

    3. Dear Heimer,

      So glad to hear about it! Hope this year I have time to send some letters to Santa Claus.


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