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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Kuala Lumpur Trip September 2015 in Random

On 12th until 14th September, I had a short gateway to Kuala Lumpur. In this post, I just randomly express my feelings and record some memorable experiences.

1. In this year, I had searching some information before go to Kuala Lumpur because need to have some basic transportation knowledge as my last visit to Kuala Lumpur was on year 2013 which most of time guided by my cousin.

2. My phone just has the food pictures of Quizinn (Clay pot & Western) in KLIA 2 and Korean Dish in Pavilion.

3. My first tried to use bus from KLIA 2 (1st floor) to KL Sentral. Bus ticket cost RM 11 per person which took around 1 hour to arrive. My sister and I met with a friend come from Melaka in KLIA 2. I just knew that it has bus service from KLIA 2 to Melaka.

4. KL Sentral is link with NU Sentral shopping mall. For taking monorail, need to take escalator up to NU Sentral and then take escalator down to 2nd floor.  When I visit to NU Sentral, it has some fun activities such as snake and ladders, chess and many more.

5. In Pavilion, I knew that there have a walkaway which can link to KLCC but did not know where the walkaway is so had asked a security. At first, when heard the answer of security, I was blur because did not know what he said. Then when I heard it clearly, the security talked to me in Cantonese. Luckily, I knew some simple Cantonese so I can understand what he said. He told me that it did not have walkway to KLCC, need to take train.

did not quite believe the answer of security so I asked another staff of Pavilion. The staff had told me the way to walkway. When you at the entrance of Pavilion, turn left and follow the signboard of connection.  When look for walkway, my sister had seen some artists have a drink in a restaurant. Therefore, we asked for photo taking with them. They came to KL for next year’s Chinese New Year movie.

He is C-Kwan who is the member of Hong Kong Hip Hop group, FAMA. Recently he had starring in a Hong Kong drama called “Ghost of Relativity”.

She is Patricia Mok who is a Chinese Singaporean actress. I always watched Singapore drama so I knew her too.

6. Pavilion is a shopping mall which has many branded stores. You can spend for your day in Pavilion with their activities because at there have many meaningful activities. During my visit, it has “Seeding My Hope” activity which you can write your hope for Malaysia. I had saw many foreigners also write down their hope for Malaysia on a small flag.

Recently many people crazy about anti-stress coloring. In Pavilion also has coloring activity which you can color a big picture with the color pencils that provided. This activity organized by Stabilo Malaysia.

7. During this trip, it was my first time to meet with blogger, Kakalina. Kakalina is a low profile people therefore I cannot disclose her face but I can said that she is a pretty lady. Thanks a lot for she and her boyfriend’s dinner treats. During dinner, she had shared with me her Sabah University life story.  

8. Sometimes when get lost, asking around is faster and better than find map. 

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