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Thursday, 15 October 2015

i-City: Red Carpet Wax Museum

This was my second time to wax museum. My first time was at Madame Tussauds Bangkok so for some wax models, I had seen he/she for second times. Hehe..

Red Carpet Wax Museum located at G Floor, we went there by using lift.  In Red Carpet, you can meet with lots of Stars.

Red Carpet Wax Museum has 6 thematic zones such as World Icons, Celebrities, Sport Stars, World Records, All Stars Café and interactive.

Before go up, we are welcome by three pretty ladies and they can nod and said “Welcome” in their own language so don’t be surprise when they are talking. Haha..

Inside  of Red Carpet have more than 100 wax figurines of famous personalities around the worlds such as Mr. Bean, Jackie Chan, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, PSY, Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth and many more.

For some wax models which you are not familiar with, you can refer to a paper beside them for more details.

Looking back to my pictures, I found out that I am not good in posing because some people can do a fun pose with wax models. Look like I need to learn how to make a good and fun pose. Haha..

In Red Carpet, it has a staff in every section to make sure all the wax models are in good condition. When taking pictures, three of us take by turn so we wish to ask staff to help us to take picture. Unfortunately that the staff cannot help us because they had been told that cannot help visitor to take picture.

At the end of Red Carpet, it has a souvenir corner which has lots of souvenirs such as cloths, bear, keychain and many more. You can use your i-Card to buy the souvenirs.

Ticket: RM 35 per person (adults)
Operating Hour:
Sunday to Thursday: 10am – 12am
Friday to Saturday (including School & Public Holidays): 10am – 1am


  1. The 1st time I went to wax museum was in Madame Tussuads London many years back..Now they have lots more celebrities and famous icons added into the museum.

    1. Agnes,

      Next time if have chance, I also want go to Madame Tussuads London for a visit :)

  2. Replies
    1. Meitzeu,

      Dont't be sad, just plan it for your next trip :D

  3. Hey J-Mei, nice blog and pictures shared by you.. Do you know that there is similar wax museum like i-city Malaysia in India also which is famous as Red Carpet Wax Museum in India.. This wax museum has wax models of popular Bollywood ands Hollywood stars and many other great peoples..Its a Best Places To Visit In Mumbai, India. As you are a travel lover, I suggest this place for you where you can enjoy yourself a lot..
    Know more about this museum in India visit this link : Red Carpet Wax Museum

    1. Red Carpet Wax Museum,

      Thanks for sharing. Hope has chance to visit wax museum in India :D

  4. You are welcome J-Mei.. Looking forward to see you at Red Carpet Wax Museum, India...


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