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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

i-City Theme Park

In September, I had gone to Kuala Lumpur for a short trip. We decided go to i-City theme park in Shah Alam for 1 day trip. After having breakfast in Bukit Bintang, we took Monorail to KL Sentral and then take KTM to Padang Jawa Station. 

Before this, I had taken a look for the map of i-City and thought that from KTM Station to i-City seems very near. As did not know how to walk to there, we took taxi.  When in taxi, I had asked for taxi driver whether i-City can be reach by walk. The taxi driver told me that your leg will be broken if you walk to there because it is so far. Luckily, I did not try to go there by walk. Haha..

After around 15-20 minutes, we reached i-City. Taxi driver let us down at the entrance of i-City because if his taxi stop inside i-City then he need to pay for entrance fee and our taxi fare will need to add on. At the entrance, we had seen a big Ferris wheel. 

From  KTM station to i-City, taxi driver charged us RM 15 per way. When we back, we just need to call taxi driver and he will come to fetch us by charging RM 20 per way.  Our taxi driver, Mr. Razali is a friendly taxi driver. In the taxi, we did having a small discussion about Malaysia politics issue and he had showed us some videos.

During our visit, everywhere is full of haze so we cannot see the blue sky. Therefore we quickly find ticket booth to buy for ticket.  Ticket booth is near with Water Park.

In i-City, all the activities are using i-Card. First you need to buy an i-Card and top up the money into the card so you need to know which activity that you want to play with so that the staff can help you to count the total of top up that you need to pay.

Three of us are first time to i-City so we need to buy an i-Card to top up our money. The price of an i-Card cost RM 10 which valid for 2 years (RM 2 is charged for the card and inside of a new i-Card has RM 8). Three of us can use the same i-Card for all the games because an i-Card can has multiple users.

You can ask the staff for the map so that you will not get lost in there. The restaurants in i-City are very expensive and some restaurants are using cash instead of i-Card.

In i-City, three of us did not spend many times to play all the games but we just visit Red Carpet Wax Museum and Trick Art Museum.

How to go:
By Train (approx. 45 minutes)
KTM to Padang Jawa Station and take taxi to i-City

By Bus-Rapid KL
Routes U80: From Kuala Lumpur to Shah Alam Bus Station
Routes U605: From Shah Alam Bus Station to i-City

D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ
40000 i-City
Tel: +603 5521 8800/8494


  1. It is inevitable that politics is the talk about topic..I never been to I-city but have seen a lot of pictures of it through our blogger friends.

    1. Agnes,

      That time I went to KL was near with the date of rally so we have a small talk about it. You can plan to bring your kids to i-City :D

  2. It's been a while I never go to i-City. It's quite near to my house though. May be next time we can go together. :)

    1. Kakalina,

      Maybe next time can go at night to see the night view of i-City :D

  3. I also saw many of friends been to i-City but I haven't been there yet. I think i-City may best be visited at night for its colourful digital lights. But thanks for the info cause I rather take public transport first and pay as minimum for the taxi later.

    1. Diana,

      I had thought of go at night but also think that might be difficult go back to hotel unless drive the car or has book for taxi so lastly change for visit at morning.


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