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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

2015-09 Favorite Songs of Postcard Senders

Hanna from Sweden likes listen “Du Ar Min Man” (You’re my man) by Helen Sjoholm because it reminds of her husband. I did not know what the singer sing of because it's not my language but I quite like with its melody.
Marie Helen Sjoholm is a Swedish singer, actress and musical theatre performer who lives in Gamla Enskede in Stockholm- Wikipedia

Isabel from Finland likes the song of “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin. This song also can see in the movie of “Top Gun”.  When heard of the first melody of the song, I was smile because it was so familiar. I had been heard this song in somewhere movie when I was small. Now I just knew the name of the song.
Berlin is an American new wave band. The group was formed in Los Angeles in 1978 by John Crawford (bass guitar). Band members included Crawford, Terri Nunn (vocals), Davis Diamond (keyboards), Ric Olsen (guitar), Matt Reid (keyboards) and Rod Learned (drums)- Wikipedia

Jeroen from Netherlands pick a song for me which is “Kronenburg Park” by Frank Boeijen. This song is about a park in her city.
Frank Boeijen is a Dutch singer and guitarist. His best known songs are “Kronenburg Park” about a prostitute, Zwart Wit about racial murder of Kerwin Duinmeijer in Amsterdam and Twee gezichten about a split personality- Wikipedia

Vivian from Hong Kong like listen song of “频率” (Frequency) by Soda Green. Vivian said that in busy life, it is not easy to find own frequency and the melody of this song is nice.
Soda Green is a Taiwanese Indie brand formed in 2001. This brand is well known for its main vocalist and songwriter Wu Tsing Fong who is prominent for his poetic lyrics, unique style and wide vocal range- Wikipedia

Catherine from Chile love listen song of “Wanda” by Paolo Conte because it is romantic and in Italian.
Paola Conte is an Italian singer, pianist, composer and lawyer notable for his grainy, resonant voice, his colorful and dreamy compositions as well as jazz music, South American atmospheres and of French language singers like Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens and his wistful, sometimes melancholic lyrics- Wikipedia

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