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Monday, 12 October 2015

Book Haul September 2015

Recently I am watching Taiwan Health related TV show. I learned a lot from this TV show.  The host of this show is Yue Ching who promotes eating whole food so she always drinks vegetable fruits juice in the morning. I like her whole food concept and wish to start drink juices in the morning. To know more about whole food and vegetable fruits juices so I had bought her books to read for.


This book has talk about whole food. I did not read yet, my understanding for whole food is eating the whole food such as eat the skin of fruits because skin’s nutrients more than flash of fruits. 


This book is about clear away the mind cancer. We must have positive mind so that we can solve the problem easily.


This sticker book has 1000 pieces of stickers. Actually this book for kids which they can stick the stickers on different background. For me, I use this sticker book for my postcard DIY.


  1. It looks like a great health book to read and gain knowledge on taking care of our is wealth.

    1. Agnes,

      Yup, I hope that I can apply those health tips to my life.

  2. 我有时有看那个节目,可以了解到很多健康小知识


    1. 美云,



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