Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pigeon Postcard Malaysia

I found out that mostly postcard can be find at stationery shop or post office in Malaysia while the online selling is not so many. From now on, I will share where can buy postcards via online that I know and put all those posts into a new corner which is “Postcard Store Corner”.

In this post, I will share a postcard online store which is “Pigeon Postcard Malaysia” that discover by me at the advertisement of Postcrossing.

Pigeon like many other postcrossers in Postcrossing, likes to collect postcards. Through Postcrossing, she discovers the happiness of sending a postcard is at least as great as receiving. Due to the limited design of postcards in Malaysia, and to provide Malaysian postcrossers an online platform to purchase postcards, Pigeon Postcard has been registered as a new company with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia – Pigeon Postcard

21 June 2014

After knowing Pigeon Postcard is an online store for postcard, I had ordered some postcard from Pigeon Postcard via email and noticed that the items will be dispatched from 11th August 2014. As I did not need these series of postcards urgently so I can wait for it.

Order the postcards from Pigeon Postcard can be done by dropping it a message or email them.

The reason that made me buy postcard from Pigeon Postcard is at there can find Malaysian postcards such as flag of Malaysia, Malaysia food and so on. Besides that, by purchasing more than 2 sets of postcards can enjoy free shipping through standard mail or purchase more than 5 sets to enjoy free shipping through Pos Laju. I had ordered each National collection and Food collection of postcards for 4 sets.

*At first, Pigeon Postcard did offer free shipping through Pos Ekspres but due to the new regulation from Pos Malaysia, they cannot send the items using Pos Ekspres anymore.

11 August 2014

I had received an email that my items had been posted with Pos Ekspres with the tracking number.

13 August 2014

I received email from Pigeon Postcard again as they informed me that due to new regulations Pos Ekspres cannot carry their products so they need to send the parcel by using Pos Laju and in the email also included Pos Laju’s tracking number.

16 August 2014

Finally I had received the parcel from Pigeon Postcard. All the postcards had been packaging nicely as all my postcards are in good condition.

Each collection of postcards has 5 designs with 10 copies. The quality for the postcard is good and thick.

Besides my own ordered postcard, Pigeon postcard had gave me few pieces of postcard as freebies and cash vouchers of RM 7 as complimentary gift for being their first batch of customers.

To view clearly the picture for the postcards, I had scanned them and post in my blog as Wordless Wednesday which you can click into the collection below to see it:-

As I did not buy for animal and mixed collection so I just get 2 designs each of those collections as freebies from Pigeon Postcard. To see the whole collection can click here to see more.

Last, I hope that Pigeon Postcard can produce more Malaysia postcards so that many people can get to know more about Malaysia. It would be awesome if they can write some description at the back of each postcard in future.

*Due to living in Malaysia intermittently, Pigeon Postcard’s operation will pause from time to time.


  1. thanks for sharing.....
    so good can buy postcard online, is it more easy and fast :)

    1. 孤傲的王子,

      Online shopping really make life easier :D

  2. Hi,
    can you show more places to buy postcards online or from shops?
    thank you. :)

    1. JieCheng,

      Sure, first of all do check “Postcard Store Corner” for the posts that I posted before.
      Blog Link:

      While the other online shops that I tried before but not yet write it as below:

      1. (mykiosk 格子铺)

      2. (Jelly Fish)

      3. (Stickerrific)

      4. (Moontree)

      If you also know other places that can buy postcard which you think I did not try before, do tell me :)

  3. Hi, you can check out this page on some lovely postcards by PostLuvCard :)
    We are having promotion now!


    1. PostLuvCard,

      Thanks for your recommendation.


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