Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Birthday Postcard Project 2014

My Birthday fall on April and in this year I want to do something special for my birthday which is get the wish from others via postcard.

On March, I had started planning it by start to learn how to use G-Form so that for those who want to send me a birthday postcard can fill in for my references.  I had drafting on the book first before key into the form.

For those wish to send a postcard for me, I will offer 4 types of postcards for them to choose and I will send out the postcard series that they choose. I post this project in a FB Taiwan Postcard Group. Based on my analysis, many people like Mayday postcard. 

In the G-Form, I had added a field that is “anything that wants to tell me” and the words that I feel touching which as below:-


我们是同一天生日说~ YA~~~~你知道小琉球吗?

My sister also sent me a surprise postcard to me.

Before this, I had sent a birthday postcard to a girl so when she saw my project then she also sends me some surprise birthday postcards. Through this project, I had found a girl whose celebrate same birthday with me.

Ending this post with my birthday photos :)

My thank you postcard in FB


  1. nice blog would you like follow each other , please join my oasap cardigans giveaway :*

  2. I'm going to have a giveway! The giveaway will open at 12:00AM (October 19, 2014; Manila Time)

    Please come and join! I'll be expecting your entry.

    With love,

    Monique (TheSlimKidInside)


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