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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tsaio White Moisturizer & Toning Lotion (Samples)

Blue: Tranexamic Acid White Moisturizer
Pink: Hyalo-Oligo Toning Lotion

False Illustration

At first, I thought that these 2 samples were in liquid form because the packaging of samples is inflated. While I opened the sample, found out that those were in lotion form and the air had made the packaging inflated. (Usually the lotion form sample’s packaging that I received is flat….)

Tranexamic Acid White Moisturizer (Light white)

The function of Tranexamic Acid White Moisturizer is moisturizing and makes the skin become fair.

Hyalo-Oligo Toning Lotion (Colorless)
The function of Hyalo-Oligo Toning Lotion is moisturizing, soothing and maintain the skin soft.

When I use both of the samples, my face look more moisturize than before and I like the smell too. When using them, I need to pat my face so that the lotion will absorb faster.

For more information, go to website of Tsaio.

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