Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Etude House Nail Art

I had received Etude House Nail Art (prize) from Eugein. When receiving it, the only item that I knew was nail polishes and others were strange for me so I searched online to find more information about that.

Nail Polishes from Konad

Based on Sharp As Nails (A Nail Art Blog), the nail polish that use for nail art must has a thick consistency (special polishes) such as nail polish from Konad store (as above). It is because using special polishes will gives you a clear opaque color compare with regular polish (normally buy from beauty store). 

Stamper & Scraper

Stamper is a tool that uses to pick up the image or design from image plate and transfer it to the nail without making the special polish dry up completely.

Scraper is uses to remove the excess special polish that at the image plate.

Image Plate

Image plate is the circular discs that act as templates which hold the pre-designed images.

At website of Konad, you can find many types of cute and beautiful image plates (as below).


For first time user likes me, I had attached a picture of  how to use Konad stamping nail art (as below):

*click image for enlarge view*

For first time user, I recommend you to read Sharp As Nails (A Nail Art Blog) because she had explained all the things in detail.

For more tutorials, you can refer to PolkaPolish, The Cheese Thief and Nail Art and Things.

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