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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Travel Brochures from Switzerland Tourism

I had received my free travel brochures from Switzerland Tourism. All the brochures were so attracting with high quality pictures.  Thanks for Switzerland Tourism.

The Swiss Parks
It has list down the entire parks which you can visit in Switzerland. It has 3 categories which are National Park, Regional Nature Park and Nature Discovery Park.

Switzerland Tourism has teamed up with hotelleriesuisse to define 7 experience categories covering 400 unique hotels.

Switzerland Map & Travel Tips
It has a map of Switzerland with some general information about Switzerland such as public holidays, how to get there, top events and others.

Typically Swiss Hotels
It has listing of the entire hotel with destinations, telephone, website and others. It is good for tourist as references.

Holiday Apartments, Camp Sites, Inns and more
It has diverse range of accommodation options in Switzerland.

The Swiss Holiday Magazine (Winter 2012/2013)
Before experiences the wonderland of snow, take a look in this magazine with the beautiful snow view.

The Holiday Magazine (Summer 2012)
In this magazine, you will see delightful riverfront walks, refreshing city hotspots and exciting tours beside or even on the water.

How to get the travel brochure?

Log on to Switzerland Tourism and order the brochure that you like.

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