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Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Gift of Love

25th August 2015

I had saw blogger Sock Peng was sharing a post about [The Gift of Love] activity which organized by BoBo Kow.

In this activity, BoBo Kow will send a gift to who donate or become sponsor child or buy a gift of hope through charity as an appreciation. The purpose is to raise the awareness of helping people in need. I also join this activity because it is so meaningful.

Before this, I knew that World Vision has Child Sponsoring program. Through this activity, I just realized that World Vision has Gift of Love program which you can buy the gift to children and families in need. The gift has many types such as animals, healthcare to clean water, school uniforms and many more. To buy the gift, you just need to spend minimum RM 30 to buy a mosquito net to protect a child from the mosquito carrying diseases such as dengue and malaria.

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice.

At the next day, I had received [The Gift of Love]. The gift including a set of 30 pieces of Portugal postcard, lovely wooden clips with 10m long rope and Gesang seed from Yushu Tibetan.

The well-known happy flower in Tibet also called “Gesang Meiduo” in Chinese is said to be the incarnation of the Kelsang Rin-po-che and can bring good luck and hope to people who sees it. “Gesang” means happiness and “Meiduo” means flower. The “Gesang Meiduo” is a kind of common flower growing on highland areas with attitudes of about 5000m –

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