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Friday, 11 September 2015

Snail Mail from Naomi Loves

Naomi is a blogger who shared creativity of snail mail. Besides that, she draws very well on the envelope or mail art which you can see from her blog.

From time to time, she likes to send the mail to her reader with nice drawing on the envelope. Therefore, I also fill in “Fancy Some Snail Mail?” form as I would like to receive mail from Naomi.

August 2015

I had received a pretty mail which from Naomi. On the envelope have some pretty flower stamps with drawing of a blue bird send me a mail.

Inside the mail has a handwriting letter with a small package.

At the other side of tag has a quote. The package has a nice seal too.

Inside package has a small booklet which done by Naomi. The booklet is all about “19 ways to make snail mail even more fun”.

In the booklet also sharing about some websites to find pen pals and swap which as below:-

Pen pals

Did not know what to write to pen pals, you can refer to the post of "5 Tips for Writing a First Letter to a New Penpal".

Swap & Letters
2. Postcrossing (Postcards)
4. Postcard Club (Swap mail art)
8. Dear Holly Project (Request advice)

To know “19 ways to make snail mail even more fun”, you can take a look for the video.


  1. Those days, I like to write to my friends too. Stood in front of my house and waited for the postman. It's a memorable memory indeed.

    1. Kakalina,

      Yup, very happy to receive mail and postcards :D

  2. interesting..she is very creative and artistic

    1. Agnes,

      She is very good in mail art, you can go to her blog to take a look :D


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