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Friday, 4 September 2015

Smart Travelling at Taiwan with I-Wifi

The internet is playing an important role in our life especially during travel because every one of us have smart phones in hand and like to chat and post own travel pictures in social media.

Basically, many of us will buy a new SIM card during traveling to get in touch with friends and family. Buy SIM card has a little bit trouble because you need open your phone case, take the old SIM card out and put a new SIM card in. When you back, you need to change your own SIM card again.

 If you also have such problem, you can try to use I-WiFi Mobile Router.

Recently I had been approached by HiPower Digitalword Inc about I-WiFi Mobile Router which can share up to 10 people. As I did not travel to Taiwan and use this service so I cannot share my own experience with you. I will use this mobile route in my future Taiwan trip because it looks good and cheaper.

The advantages of I-WiFi

1. Only NTD 100 (approx. RM 12.89) per day.

2. No need queue, no need change SIM card. When arrived Taoyuan International Airport, immediately have someone give you the I-WiFi

3. An I-WiFi share with 10 people. You can set an own password to avoid strangers use your network.

4. I-WiFi is small, thin and light so you can bring it to anywhere

How to Book >> Pick up >> Return I-WiFi

Book I-WiFi

1. Before travel to Taiwan, you can book I-WiFi in the website by fill in some particular.

Website: I-Wifi

2. After payment, you will get QRcode and acquisition number in your email.

Pick up I-WiFi

1. After pass customs, you will see I-WiFi representative (he/she will wear a red cap with fluorescent green coat and take an I-WiFi plate). If you don’t see I-WiFi representative, please call 0963711935.

Taipei Songshan Airport or Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1: After you pass the automatic doors, please turn left, you will find I-WiFi representative

Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2: After you pass the automatic doors, please turn right, you will find I-WiFi representative

2. You need to show your QRcode/booking number/ phone number to I-WiFi representative before receive I-Wifi set

3. Enjoy unlimited internet access

Return I-WiFi

1. Please pack I-WiFi set with accessories in the delivery bag

2. Return to 7-Eleven counter and keep the receipt for checking purpose.

1. Few 7-Eleven including MRT stations, railway, high-speed rail, bus transfer stations and underground streets do not offer return services.

2. NTD 5000 will be charged if the device is lost or damaged.

Any problem or question regarding I-WiFi, feel free to contact at or


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    1. Kakalina,

      Wow, so good. I did not know when I can try it. Look forward for your post to share your experience with this service.


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