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Monday, 7 July 2014

Visit Malaysia 2014: Winner of Tourism Quiz

December 2013

Through Labuan Tourism Facebook page, I had saw that it has Tourism Quiz that on-going so I join for it by submit my answer via email. I was attracted by its prize as the prize includes free flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu although I know that the percentage to win this contest is small but never try never know right so I just try my best.

The question of the quiz:

Sesebuah Negara memerlukan tagline yang bekesan untuk mempromosikan pelancongan di negara masing-masing contohnya di Malaysia, “Malaysia Truly Asia” digunakan untuk promosi antarabangsa dan “Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia” digunakan untuk promosi domestic. Pada pendapat anda, apakah tagline yang sesuai dan berkesan untuk digunakan di W.P.Labuan bagi menarik lebih ramai pelancong dan menjadikan Labuan sebagai salah satu destinasi pelancongan yang berdaya saing?

Pada pendapat anda juga, W.P.Labuan merupakan salah satu destinasi pelancongan yang harus dilawati kerana ___________ 

After few days, I had received an email stated that I had won from the contest and asked me to receive the prize on 31st December 2013 at Dataran Labuan. 

31st December 2013

I was requested to arrive at Dataran Labuan more early so around 8.30 p.m., I had arrived. At that time, Dataran Labuan has football match. When arrived, I was giving a fan and snacks from friendly Tourism staff. After football match, it continued with speech by Dato Rozman. 

When I went on the stage, I was so nervous that I did not take properly the prize (as I thought that the prize only a prize board) from the hand of Dato Rozman. The prizes (2 envelopes) had been drop down on floor but Dato Rozman was so nice that helps me to take the prize and gave back to me.

I had received a prize board as a winner of tourism quiz. It was my first time to take this prize board as usually I saw others take it in newspaper or TV.

These are the prizes that I get from Dato Rozman.

Inside of this big envelope is a letter that I can book for a return flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu through email. As the validity period until end of March 2014 so I had made a request to have a return flight ticket on 2nd February 2014 with my sister as I would like to meet with my dad, mum and little sister that will stay at Kota Kinabalu before they came back to Labuan (they go to Tawau to celebrate Chinese New Year). Unfortunately that Tourism cannot fulfill my request as my check in date near with Chinese New Year and the room occupancy at that times is high so they advise me to change the date.  

In February 2014, I had made a request again and this time is for my parents as my aunt from Kedah will come to Kota Kinabalu so my parents can meet with my aunt in Kota Kinabalu. My parents had gone to Kota Kinabalu on 1st March 2014 and back on 2nd March 2014 with Malaysia Airlines. In Kota Kinabalu, my parents live in Horizon Hotel that prepared by Sabah Tourism Malaysia. My parents were very satisfy with the hotel that provided which include free breakfast. 

Besides flight ticket, I also get a complimentary weekday buffet dinner for two persons. During Chinese New Year as only my sister and I stay in house so I plan that we having dinner in Grand Dorsett Hotel on 2nd February 2014. 

During buffet, I had taste with blue cheese. It really very smelly and I cannot accept it as I also did not like to eat cheese. The stomach for both of us really feel full after dinner. When we went back, on the way to car, I had felt down as I did not saw the road properly but luckily that only small hurt on left leg.

After the ceremony, I had bought two Chinese newspapers as my collection.

At last, thanks for Tourism Malaysia, Labuan Tourism, Perbadanan Labuan, Radio Labuan FM and Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel for organizing this contest. 

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