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Monday, 21 July 2014

TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend: My 5 Days Detoxification Program

Hi, I just backed from Thailand as Thailand has many delicious foods that must be try such as Tom Yam Gong, Mango Sticky Rice, Pai Thai and many more so I had overeat at there that indirectly disrupt my body’s digestive process.

Detox is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing, transforming and eliminating them through the detox organs – Trudtox

Before I went to Thailand, I had been introduced with this detox tea which is TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend which works gently to cleanse and help strengthen our body’s own natural detox organs. It is made of 100% organically-cultivated herbs, flora and teas. Besides that, it contains no artificial coloring, pesticides or caffeine.

Benefits of Detoxification

Flush away toxins and waste
Promote regularity
Relieve digestive discomforts
Promote better absorption of nutrients
Improve metabolism
Strengthen immune system
Promote health, vitality and energy

Direction of use:

Brew tea bag in a hot cup of water for 20-30 minutes.

*Not recommend for pregnant or lactating women.
*Try not to eat after dinner time so your body can fast healing and detoxing process while you sleep.

A regular detoxification routine (e.g. 2-3 times a week) or when needed is recommended to flush out waste and toxins before they start to accumulate to unhealthy levels.

My 5 Days Detoxification  Program

As I did not detox my body before so I planned to do a complete detoxification by taking TruDtox 5 days continuously in a week and follow by 2-3 times a week or when needed.

Day 1
In the morning, I had brew tea bag in a cup for 30 minutes. After that, I drink it before work. In afternoon, I had feel that my stomach pain. According to the TruDtox that for those who did not done any detoxification recently will experience some slight stomach discomfort.

In night, I can feel that bowel movement and went to toilet. My stool is watery  and don’t worry as according to Bristol Stool Scale, this type of stool is how body reacts when it’s trying to rid itself of toxic substances.

Day 2
In the morning, I had gone to toilet and nothing comes out so I think that maybe all the toxic had been out of my body by yesterday night. As I did not want to feel stomach pain again when working so I had changed to drink TruDtox at night and before sleep.

Day 3
In office, I feel that my bowel movement so I had went to toilet. This time, my stool is like soft blobs with clear cut edges (Bristol Stool Scale Type 5) which is normal. As I did not want to feel bowel movement during office hour so I drink TruDtox after dinner. After dinner, I will brew tea bag for 30 minutes.

Day 4 & Day 5
The bowel movement reacts before I went to work and my stool was same as yesterday. Same as yesterday, I drink TruDtox after 30 minutes of finish dinner.

After detoxification for 5 days, I had feel that my body is clean and all the toxic had been clear out completely. I also encourage my family for try this drink to have a healthy body. After detox week, I will take TruDtox 1-2 times a week or when needed to flush out all unnecessary waste in me.

Bristol Stool Scale
Last, share with you a funny video of The Do’s and Don’t This Ramadhan that featuring Nadhira, Papi Zak, Justin Heyes and Shaz.

TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend
Description: Detox + Relieve Stomach Bloat
Price: RM 29.50 for a pack of 5 teabags & RM 88.50 for a pack of 15 + 2 teabags
Pharmacies: Caring, Watsons, Guardian, Alpha, Alpro, Healthlane, Vitacare and leading pharmacies nationwide
Online: Plincco, Lazada & Rakuten

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